Based in China with a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), ENOIA INTERNATIONAL is a major player in the shop fitting, Sourcing & Trading activities in Asia.

The company is located in Shanghai with a multicultural team. Our vision is to make your project succesfull and ensure a professional service in a short time.

Our turnkey service, ensure your project on time, with quality control and a complete logistics management until installation of your furniture. We handle your project from the idea to the delivery.


The cost optimisation, responsiveness and turnkey management of your projects, make ENOÏA INTERNATIONAL one of the market leader in Asia.




Understanding of the customers needs :

Our account manager team is daily dedicated to your needs. We work confidentially and strictly respect your request.

Availability :

Our responsiveness is part of our strengths. We are working with different partners and franchisee worldwide. We are able to meet all your needs, from concept store to furniture design by the sourcing & trading activities.

Innovative capacity :

We have the knowledge of all materials used in the shop fitting and our R & D department constantly offers new solutions. We search the most innovative material throughout Asia while respecting European standards.