For many years, ENOÏA INTERNATIONAL research and produces marketing solutions for major brands.

With its presence in China, the company offers a complete service, allowing continuous monitoring of production, and responsiveness to our customers.


The cost optimisation of production and to be constantly innovating with the market is one of our priorities in order to offer the latest products to our customers in the best conditions.

ENOÏA INTERNATIONAL offer a turnkey services from the sampling throught production to delivery.

We seek the most qualified supplier for your product according to your specifications and needs. We give you a quote which may include:

– Sampling
– Full production monitoring
– Quality control
– Certification tests
– Logistics
– Storage
Food, environmental and social standards are an imperative for our company.

Strength of our experience, we can meet your needs as quickly as possible.




Our goal is to offer a quality service and product that meets your expectations.